Four Seasons Keyboard

A Customizable Mechanical Keyboard To Brighten Up Your Life

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From Equinox To Solstice

A sequel to Lofree keyboard 1st generation, the latest Lofree Four Seasons embraces your life with four colors to signify the natural divisions of the year, including vernal white, aestival blue, autumnal grey and hibernal black. Lofree’s unmistakable retro design and evocative lines combined with the latest mechanical upgrades, brightening your day from startup to sundown.

It’s time to embrace the colors of Four Seasons.

Small Changes, yet Big Differences

Unlike the 1st generation, Lofree Four Seasons features a backlit keyboard with translucent keycaps and coated with vivid fonts.  The improved keyboard layout and the optimization of the switch under large-sized keys, resulting in less forceful typing; Lofree Four Seasons provides a more comfortable, refined tactile feel that makes touch-typing easier.

When Retro Meets Tech

Lofree’s vintage designs combine perfectly with cutting-edge technology. Lofree Four Seasons is packed with awesome specs:

    - Gateron blue switch

    - Wired or wireless mode

    - Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android

    ....and more!


Lofree Four Seasons is designed for a flawless typing experience.

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